blood, suits and tears

and everything else

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Sebastian excited and is practically bouncing because after a year of being in a relationship Jim’s letting him sleep in the same bed with him.

Sebastian waking up in the middle in the night because the bed is shaking a little.

Sebastian seeing Jim with his knees close to his chest and he’s covering his face with his hands and trembling.

Sebastian sitting up and repositioning Jim very slowly so he’s laying down
before he occasionally peppers a few kisses on his forehead.

Sebastian kissing Jim’s hands repeatedly and when Jim moves them away he kisses the occasional tears away.

Sebastian not asking questions because he knows how frustrating it is when someone keeps asking fucking questions about the situation.

Sebastian humming a lullaby to Jim while he slowly strokes his hair.

Sebastian promising to fight off the memories as he feels Jim going back to sleep and holds him just a little bit tighter

Sebastian not mentioning anything about it in the morning.

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